D&D Update #1, My First Campaign as DM

     Let me start out by saying that I have created all the gods and the maps from scratch for this game, although I have taken a few ideas from different places for the gods such as from mythology, overall the game is just ideas that I have come up with, and the world itself is completely my own.  

     I’m just going to focus on the basics in this post and will share how the campaign has been progressing in a few days.  I don’t want to over saturate with information in this post. 

The Plot/Backstory

     For 70 years, the gods fought over humanity. Some gods believe humanity should cease to exist completely, some believed they needed to restart it, and some believed it was perfect how it was and needed to be kept protected.  This caused great rivalry between the gods, they began fighting in the ethereal realm where they dwell, and in turn, each sent minions to the earth plane to either wreak havoc on the humans or to protect them.  The war was long and hard, it destroyed and reshaped many lands and cities, there were extremely few places left unscathed after the great battle, the minions of the gods began inhabiting the cities and even crudely building new towns altogether. While the war was raging the people retreated underground, and for a large portion of the war people lived there and established great cities to begin new lives while the world they knew was converted to rubble and ashes.  Eventually, the gods grew tired of fighting and slowly brought back their minions, that was 20 years ago and humanity has been rebuilding ever since. Since the war ended many people decided to return to the surface and begin rebuilding there, but a large portion also stayed below the surface to continue dwelling in the cities they had known for so long.  Above ground, the cities had been converted by the minions of the gods, and this made the previous cities very tight and claustrophobic, the people returning only made this worse when they tried to continue rebuilding what they had known.  Now that the war has been over for 20 years, the gods have begun stirring again…

The gods

  • Alaric – First head of the gods, keeper of light and god of life.  He created the existing strain of humanity with his siblings and wanted only to protect his creations.  Alaric believed that humanity was as good as it would ever get, and feared that if they were destroyed that whatever came after them would be worse than they could even imagine.  His churches are very clean cut, there are lots of warm tones and they are always brightly lit. There are many stained glass windows that depict the creation of humanity, with Alaric as the largest piece in the glass.
  • Reshund – Second head of the gods, keeper of the dark and god of death, he is also Alaric’s twin. Reshund wanted to begin society anew, believing that they had become too far gone from the gods.  He eventually was an asset to ending the war by being the first to fully retreat his minions.  His churches are darker in color with cool tones, they have the same stained glass windows as his siblings, but with Reshund as the largest piece. 
  • Polliya – Third head of the gods, keeper of nature and goddess of the earth, sister to the other heads and the eldest of the gods.  She wanted to destroy society because she believed it had lost all sense of itself, she no longer believes humanity can exist with purpose and has given up further since most nature and her parts of the creation had been destroyed.  Her churches are colored with earthy tones, and have a natural look to them, with the extravagant touch from the stained glass pieces she shares with her siblings, of course with her as the largest piece. 
  • Wint – The goddess of crafting and architecture, she also wanted to protect the humans and the land, some believe this was a selfish decision though and she merely wanted to keep her followers from dying so they could continue doing favorable works for her. Her churches are very whimsical with intricate details and beautiful architecture, they give off a warm feeling and are very welcoming.  
  • Ishim – The god of the arts and pleasure, he wanted to aid in destroying the world.  Ishim believed that the world was lacking in fun and creativity, and he believed nobody could ever do the arts justice as he could. His churches are normally brightly colored and fun.
  • Varuuk – The god of love and family, Varuuk was a middleman in the war but eventually sided with restarting society since it was the more neutral position with the other gods.  Varuuk is known for being a god who blesses his followers with prosperity in romance and comfort.  His churches are normally very regal and have many gold and purple accents. 
  • Roiya – The goddess ofwar and destruction, surprisingly Roiya refused to participate in the war. Shebelieved that the war was useless, and even scolded the other gods forbothering to waste their time with such a tedious war.  Roiya is in favor of war only coming whenabsolutely necessary and therefore denounced the other gods for creating aconflict without reason.  Her churches tend to be on the rougher side and are less polished than others, her churches tend to have a bit of extra metal to them, as well as fire from many torches and her banners on the walls. 
  • Livayus – The god of shadows and thieves, herefused to participate in the war, Livayus saw no reason to destroy what theyhad been working on for so long.  Hefiercely protected his own followers during the war but left the rest of thepeople to fend for themselves since he had no ties to them.  He is known as a god with little remorse forhumans but loves his followers since they do his works.  His churches are very simple and darkly colored, many of them being home to thieves guilds. 
  • Zenova – The goddess of work and commerce, she hated the war and retreated away from the other gods when it began.  She is seldom heard from by her followers, although she takes good care of them and blesses them often.  She has very simple churches that have trading groups hosted in many of them.

The Players

Please note that all things listed here are notes I took while doing solo games with my players so they grew comfortable with their characters and so I could learn more about them as well, there is a lot of shorthand here and the notes may seem jumbled. 

  • Ben

      Character: Chernobog – Tiefling Mystic, a previous follower of Reshund for his first 7-9 years of life, he doesn’t consider himself a follower anymore.  Avatar Discipline. 26 Years old, his body is red and grey and he stands at 5’10”, he has two horns and a plain tail.  Chaotic Neutral.  His family disowned him when he left the faith, and he has no knowledge of their whereabouts, but he doesn’t hate them and knows if he is to find them he will be accepted back to them.  Trickster, he loves to mess around and have fun, he has been traveling for nearly 10 years and is usually alone on his journeys.  He considers himself a performer and loves people.  He is currently in the Power District, he has been here for a year and a half and tends to return here after traveling anywhere. He lives with three friends, one of whom is a mystic and trains with him, and the other two whom are mages that work for the city. 

  • John

     Character: Artorious, Human Hexblade Paladin. Follower of Alaric, Chaotic Good, Oath of Vengeance. He is 6’0”, Caucasian with black hair and grey eyes.  He was born in the farming district, but was called to be a paladin by the capital after his strong faith in Alaric was discovered.  He was taken at the age of 7, he is now 20 and has been training ever since at the paladin school in the tech district. He recently moved back to the capital to begin his training, and has been there for almost two months, now living in the church.  Artorious is a very noble man, he is a classic knight, he always helps others when he sees somebody in need and is very generous. Apprentice to the Guardian of the church, Tyvis. He wields two hexes, a Dark Sword named Manis that is like the devil on his shoulder, and a Light Shield named Galadriel that combats the darkness from Manis.  He also has his shadow to cast which personifies as a Hyena. 

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